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A R T I S T S    F O R   H U M A N I T A R I A N    A I D    

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The charity auction pursues the goal of humanitarian aid for the survivors of the war in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) in 2020. All of your contributions are directed to implementation of long-term projects to support people who have been affected by the war or displaced from their homes.

The exhibition was organized by the founders of GURBAN Initiative and opened in Munich on 14. & 15. December 2020 and then because of Covid-19 was moved to an online platform. More than 25 artists based in Armenia and Germany contributed with their artworks.

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GUrban is a cultural, social platform and community between artists based in Armenia and Germany, which connects together artists, scientists and educators worldwide and creates a constant network between them.
It commits to the establishment and development of social-cultural platforms and centers in particular in the regions needing this contribution. Art is considered as a channel to recreate and rebuild the communication within the living environment of society.

with you


Give a hand to people in urgent need to contribute through art to peace & recovery all proceeds will be sent to Artsakh & Armenia as Donation for Humanitarian purposes.

You can provide Humanitarian aid for the survivors of the war by purchasing some of the artworks from the gallery or by donating for this purpose.


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The proceeds will be donated to humanitarian aid in Armenia.

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